“Where are the role models for women?”

17 Jun

I recently read an article by Vishal Gupta that asked “Where are the role models for women?”

He spoke about how when you turn on TV, all the role models are men. You do have Oprah or Martha Stewart but where are the every day women entrepreneurs ? The women who are juggling their job , family, finances and every day life to try to get their business up and running.

“Gupta and his colleagues determined that both men and women assimilated to the subtle reminders about social beliefs and entrepreneurship. When men and women were told that entrepreneurship is about male characteristics, men were more interested in becoming entrepreneurs. Women were less interested in entrepreneurship, which shows the power of societal beliefs. As Gupta points out, when we are subconsciously exposed to them, it can affect the way we think. Women also showed little ambition for entrepreneurism after reading the female-stereotype article.”

This is heartbreaking to read. We as women need more reminders of how powerful and strong we really are. We need more role models on TV and books that show we can do it , better then men.

This blog will be dedicated to celebrating and encouraging women entrepreneurs. I will be interviewing women who were in the same spot as you maybe in or once was. Sick of working for someone else , maybe had a great deal, wanted to be their own boss and They did it. They let no stereotypes or men to tell them no. I hope this will encourage you to start or continue on the road to being an entrepreneur.



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