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Now What ?

3 Jul

So I had an idea. I know myself. Now what do I do ?

I was lost and had no clue where to start. I decided that education can never hurt. I decided to start taking some courses related to the business I wanted to start.  This opened a whole new fresh look on the business.  If you cant go to school full / part time, look at some online courses. Even one course could help you with an element of your business.

Algonquin College has some excellent online courses that could be useful. Bookkeeping, Business Communication , Business Marketing, etc.


Cant take a course ? BOOKS !! They are free at the library. They are full of useful information and you can always squeeze a chapter in on break or right before bed. I found this amazing list and starting my way through it.


There are some excellent government programs set up to also help entrepreneurs.  I went to the Small Business Enterprise Centre in Guelph for an hour long free consultation. This was so useful.  I met with Harnold, He was amazing. He answered any question I had and gave me so much information to start with. I learned a business plan is key ( A blog to follow on this topic). They also have seminars and mentoring programs that will help you in every way. You should definitely look to see if there is one close to you and call to set up an appointment.